About WebTrans Services

About WebTrans Services

WEBTRANS Translation Agency was created in 1996 in Sofia, Bulgaria, and since then it successfully works with many and different clients in the country and abroad. The Agency is accredited by the Consular Services of the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs under renewed Contract No. 2148/14.01.2013.

A team of highly qualified and experienced translators works with our Agency. Our translators have long professional experience and their skills can guarantee clients perfect quality of translations. Translations provided by our translators comply with the following requirements: (i) adequateness: our translations fully convey the contents of the author’s text and correspond to the language standards of the respective field; they use the approved terminology and there are no omissions and unspecified abbreviations; (ii) correlation between client’s requirements and reference materials: our translators use provided by the client glossaries, dictionaries, databases, TM memories, reference materials, etc. (iii) compliance with general and stylistic language standards: grammar, punctuation, etc. (iv) unity of terminology: we can ensure unity of terminology and uniform translation of identical text fragments; (v) consistency with the formatting requirements: translated document is formatted in compliance with relative language standards and client’s requirements. For us, the client is a precious and appreciated guest whose time and finances we thoroughly serve and take care about, keeping the requirements of confidentiality and offering:

- Official translations and interpreting from and to almost all European

- Certification and legalisation of documents at all state institutions or foreign

- Express, fast, and standard translation of medical and other specific texts

- Escorting of foreigners in case of business meetings, negotiations, personal languages, as well as some rare ones like Chinese, Japanese, Sanskrit, etc.; embassies or other representations and consular services; and documents, such as operation manuals, medical files and discharge summaries and laboratory tests, pharmaceutical study trials, fiction and poetry, graphics and charts, tables, etc.; initiatives, appearance before notary public or the court; escorting even beyond Bulgarian territory, if the client requires it; simultaneous and consecutive interpretations, conversations on the phone, etc.;

- Notarial certification of documents;

- Editing of texts in Bulgarian and other languages;

- Delivery of translations in the country and abroad by courier companies;

- Translation and publishing of books;

- Computer typing of texts in Bulgarian and other languages;

- Language teaching оnline or individually/in small groups in English, French,

- Online or individual teaching of foreigners in Bulgarian.

Your order of translation or interpreting you can send via email, skype or personally bring to the office. After specifying the text complexity and urgency, we will select the most suitable as qualification and experience translator (or a group of translators, if the volume is big) who will be assigned with your project. After receiving the made translation, it will be proofread and checked by another expert in the field. Then you will receive the finished and graphically formatted (if applicable) translation. You can German and Russian; receive your project personally, via email or sent by a courier company. You pay for the service in cash or by bank transfer for issued invoice. The translation price is calculated based on standard page of 1800 signs with spaces. (For more information, go to Prices Section).

We offer the following types of orders for translation: standard (over 3 days), fast (within 3 work days), and express (within 12 or 24 hours).

Discounts are usually made based on translation volume or for subscribed clients.

Proofreading of a text is usually stylistic and substantial. We offer this service as a single service too, both in Bulgarian and foreign language. Stylistic editing concerns the linguistic structure of the text, and the substantial one covers the terminology base and language equivalent of the translation.

Translated documents can be both public and private. Public are all documents issued by governmental institutions and administrations, and private are those issued by physical or juridical entities. Both types of documents can be certified. Certification is the source text attached with the target language translation, placed on the company’s letterhead and signed by the sworn translator in the relevant language, bearing the full responsibility of the translation made. The document bears the company’s seal. For some documents, this certification is completely enough. The notarial certification turns the document from private into public. Some public documents can only be certified, this procedure is pretty enough. However, public documents are usually notarially certified and need an Apostille. This process is called legalisation and is required for the relevant country in order to act as an official legal document: for reasons of education continued, certification of qualification, skills, birth, marriage or divorce, and etc. In Bulgaria, the institutions providing Apostille are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Education and Science, and the Ministry of Justice. Abroad, issuing of Apostille makes the document valid for Bulgaria. The process is the same. Besides, providing of Apostille in Bulgaria is related with bilateral legal agreements signed with other countries and ratification of the Hague Convention. When there is a bilateral legal agreement issuing of Apostille is not required. And the countries, which have ratified the Hague Convention, mutually acknowledge Apostille validity. Notwithstanding that Bulgaria is a Member-State of EU, the procedure of certification and legalisation of documents is compulsory. The creation of EU allows the free moving of people, goods and money; however, documents are nowhere mentioned. In the environment of dynamic markets, of worldwide supply and demand, of continuous electronic exchange of information and services, it is quite natural to ask the question: ‘Why you should choose us?’ Of course, nothing is obligatory! And if you still choose us, we will provide you with:

• accuracy and precision with regard to quality of translation and time of their implementation;

• strictly keeping of your desires and requirements as well as full confidentiality about your projects;

• and our perfect and flexible interpreters, dedicated to their jobs, will help you to express and present your incredible ideas, inventions and concepts, your unique style with the greatest extent of exactness and professionalism. We are your bridge of overcoming the language barriers and successfully conduct your business meetings, company presentations, international negotiations, seminars, fairs, exhibitions. We are your back for prosperous business.